Thursday, May 01, 2003

shopping in rome

store selling luisa cevese products
VIA DELL'OCA 39 (near Piazza del Popolo)
ROMA 00186 Tel. +39 06 361 2881

Luisa Cevese is a collection of products made out of an innovative material which combines textile scraps with latex plastic. Each piece is similar but never the same and unique due to the nature of the production process and the textiles employed.

"I love waste," Luisa Cevese says.
The statement might sound strange, but the work of this Milan designer—who used to head a large silk manufacturer's research department—consists of a material she invented and patented: a mixture of textile scraps and polyurethane. "My contact with industrial production made me realize how much is left over," she recalls. "I started thinking about how I could use it for a new project." Taking an approach simultaneously artistic and utilitarian, she launched Luisa Cevese Riedizioni in 1995.

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